From large-scale projects like multi-unit apartment buildings to single-family homes, we take distressed and run-down properties and make them new again.

About Repair, Restore & Remodel by InteriorWorx

Repair, Restore & Remodel by InteriorWorx is the nation’s largest remodeler of bank-owned properties. We work closely with financial institutions, large property owners, and real estate agents, providing them with specialized services that focus on upgrading distressed residential properties.

We partner with several respected construction providers to install new flooring, lighting, cabinets, appliances, and more. Our one-stop solution, with a full suite of professional trade services, helps clients transform their property portfolios to meet industry standards, making them new and ready to be sold quickly at market prices.

We also work with large-scale remodelers in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, providing them with the full spectrum of products and services from our Builder Design Centers.

Please download our one sheet for a quick description of how Repair, Restore & Remodel can help you.